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My Story

I was born in Makati City on August 18, Philippines.  I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 2001 Batch. Then I went to the UST Faculty of Medicine for 1yr, but God has different plans for me; as they say, Nursing is a vocation, not a profession. I work at Memorial Hermann Cypress in the ICU. I have 21 yrs in nursing and obtained my certification 2 yrs ago.

What do you love about the profession of nursing?

What I love in nursing is that it is not just you caring for people, but you have the capacity to change someone's life for the better. There is more than just caring for people you have to show compassion and dedication to help improve someone's well-being.

What makes you get up and do something every day?

Because I am alive and well, the Lord has plans for me to do something worthwhile for that day. It may be a good or bad day, but it is an experience that one day can help you improve yourself or someone else's life.

Why do you belong to an association like the PNA NH?

I joined PNANH because I know that I can contribute to the organization towards professional excellence in nursing with my skills, talent, and knowledge.

Who has impacted you and why? (professional or personal or both)

The person who made me want to be in the medical field was my grandfather, who was an Anesthesiologist on my father's side. He has encouraged me to love science and growing up, I loved science by joining science contests in school. But the one that made me love nursing was my grandmother on my mother's side, who showed us the true meaning of the word CARE.

What do you do for fun?

Spending time with family and friends. Right now, while I am away with my family, I make sure that I talk to them daily. I also love having nice meals and coffee with friends.

Where and what do you want to be in 3 years?

​​Hopefully, I will be able to complete another certification or pursue another degree.


Anything that you want to share about yourself, family, pets, etc., that may surprise others?

​I am the eldest in a brood of four. All of my siblings and I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas. We are all proud Tomasians! My priorities come in this order Family, Friends, and Me. I love food, plants, and traveling. I love exploring places and knowing about the history/culture of the place. I also love watching movies and documentaries. I used to be a shy type of person, but then during my last year in high school, I discovered my other talents and pushed myself to be in front of huge audiences. I joined the student council, competed in inter-school competitions, and was on a school dance group doing shows in the mall and other places. I also used to be active in joining medical missions and outreach programs. ​​

What does being bold and unstoppable mean to you?

It means being fearless and never giving up. 


Always looking to connect!

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