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My Story

I was born in Quezon City, Philippines. I graduated from UDMC - School of Nursing with a BS-Nursing degree. I have 20 plus experience in nursing. I work at HCA NORTHWEST  as a Staff RN - Pre-op Surgery Unit since 2002. I am a certified Pediatric Nurse since 2010.

What do you love about the profession of nursing?

I love my Profession as a Registered Nurse because it is a Caring Profession. As a Christ-believer, this is one way of serving God and others.

Who has impacted you and why (professionally or personally or both? 

My father encouraged me to study Nursing, I'm the first one who graduated in Nursing in my family, and four sisters became Nurses too. 

What makes you get up and do something every day?

My three children are my inspiration, I want to see them happy and healthy.

Why do you belong to an association like the PNA NH?

Philippine Nurses Association of North Houston helps me to learn more about Nursing updates, meet different people, & to deliver care to maintain the health and well-being of people.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my family & friends, eating out, and traveling. I love dancing and walking in the park in my free time.

Where and what do you want to be in 3 years?

Anything that you want to share about yourself, family, pets, etc. that may surprise others?

After graduation in Nursing - I worked as a Nurse Trainee at Jose Reyes Medical Center Manila, part-time private duty nurse in different hospitals, part-time Fashion Modeling job, Industrial/Emergency Nurse at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Philippines. 

  • Won Ms. UDMC - Nursing School pageant.

  • Ms. NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport pageant, Philippines) 1st place winner.

  • Ms. Lakambini of DOTC ( Department of Transportation and Communication pageant, Philippines)1st place winner.

 I'm a Missionary - helping to raise funds in building churches, feeding programs, and medical missions promoting health all over the Philippines. I'm a member of CDCPH (Concerned doctors and citizens of the Philippines)

What does Bold and Unstoppable mean to you?

Being Bold & Unstoppable -  being transparent & standing out.


Always looking to connecr!

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