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My Story

I was born in the Philippines. I am a graduate of University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines (BSN). Western Governors University (MSN). I have 20 years of nursing experience. I work at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital as an Acute Care Nursing Director. 

What do you love about the profession of nursing?

Nursing is a calling. One cannot become a nurse for compensation reasons only. I believe we all choose (chose) the profession because we inherently want to help mankind, healers not only physically, but more importantly, nurses are known to provide a holistic approach to patient healing. Considering all aspects of the patient’s wellbeing. 


Who has impacted you and why (professional or personal or both)?

I grew up next to a doctor's clinic. The doctor that owned the clinic allowed me to observe him treat his patients and encouraged me to seek a profession in healthcare. 

What makes you get up and do something every day?

(Bills🤣 jk!) I like what I do. While it is demanding and could be exhausting at times, it challenges me to think outside the box and to consider every aspect of patient care. I feel good and accomplished when I see initiatives and processes that the team worked hard together come to fruition and start to drive results and ultimately improve patient outcomes. I also see myself and my role as the bridge between frontline staff and the C-suite. Representing and advocating for the nurses and at the bedside is one of my driving forces daily at work. In addition to ensuring safe, quality patient care is delivered. 

Why do you belong to an association like the PNA NH?

It is a platform to share my expertise and work experience as a nurse leader, being able to give back to my colleagues. Keeping in touch with my roots at the same time while expanding my network. 

What do you do for fun?

I like to work out. I religiously do this six days a week. It gives me structure and routine and clears my mind. Shopping for clothes is also quite relaxing and gratifying for me. Interestingly, I also find satisfaction pulling out weeds from my garden when I used to have one. Especially right after a good overnight rain when the soil is soft. 

Where and what do you want to be in 3 years?

I am a creature of habit. I have been at HMWB for close to 18 years now. I see myself continuing to serve as a nurse leader. 

Anything that you want to share about yourself, family, pets, etc., that may surprise others?

​I am married to the most selfless man I have ever met. We are empty nesters. I have a son, a novice nurse, and a daughter engaged to be married. I have three step kids and a granddaughter. 

What does being bold and unstoppable mean to you?

Bold and unstoppable to me means keeping an open mind, thinking outside the box, and saying/thinking “why not!” instead of “why?”. It is also embracing that mindset that we are not second-class citizens. That we can do more and grow more as nurses. We are a strong representation of our profession whether we got our degree back home, here in the United States, or elsewhere in the world. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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