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My Story

I was born in Manila, Philippines, a pre-Valentine baby on Feb 13 @ 11:56 pm. I went to St. Mary's College of Quezon City, Metro Manila 2nd year of H.S. My family migrated to the USA in the mid-70s, and I continued my HS years and graduated from Lafayette High School in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. I graduated with a BSN degree from St. Louis University in St. Louis in 1982. Worked at Barnes-Jewish Hospital of St. Louis for 15 years, ten years in CVICU. We moved to Houston in 1998 and after being hired in CVICU at Main Methodist Hospital. My husband hated the snow in St. Louis, so we moved here to Houston.  I transferred to Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in Oct 2000 as it was 5 min from my former residence and assisted in setting up the med-surg and ICU units before it opened its doors to the public on Dec. 18, 2000. I just celebrated my 24 years of service at Houston Methodist Hospital System and had been in Periop Services since 2013. Had worked  as CN, relief CN, preceptor, and CVICU resource nurse

What do I love about the nursing profession?
My nursing career experience sums up in 2 sentences. Nursing is a calling, and everything in nursing is worth it, but it takes work.  When you love your profession, it is not working but becomes a passion. Nursing taught me to be intentional in what I do and with my relationships with others.

Why do you belong to an association like PNANH? 
Being BOLD and honest,  my first reason for joining PNANH  is to maintain my clinical ladder RN level 3 status since 2006. The rest is history, as I really want to be part of an organization that continually and cheerfully gives to the community, and PNANH helps me to grow continually as a person and professionally, and that is the brand of PNANH!

Who impacted me professionally and personally?
My mother. Having a Masters in Education, she left her teaching job of 15 years, and amazingly, she applied and worked as Assistant VP of Dev. Bank of the Phil in Manila after my Dad's demise to financially provide for her four children. Then at age 56, she applied as a teacher here in the States and got her driver's license, and drove for the first time in her life. Her resilience, compassion, and doing what's best for others were the traits I admired about her. 

What makes you get up and do something every day?
Truthfully, I am grateful for Jesus' graciousness in my life, for my family, and for my passion for the nursing job. I start my day with prayers and thanksgiving.


What do you do for fun?
Travel, learn more about how to sew, and improve my singing ability thru karaoke Emoji, and try different ethnic restaurants with my family or friends. When my hubby first met me, he said he loved my old size 2. Now, he says am a size two much!

Where and what do you want to be in 3 years?
By the grace of God, I still want to work but part-time only and travel more!  But most of all, I see myself in all sorts of volunteer work, especially in Faith International Fellowship church!

Anything you want to share about yourself?
Life for me is serendipitous. Had my son at age 46 after three miscarriages. Allie made me a real dog Mom after having two cats for 25 years. Retired prematurely from ICU due to a patient who accidentally contributed to the fracture of my left arm in 2013. I am grateful to management, who helped me get a job in PACU, and now I am in PAT and loving Periop services!

What does bold and unstoppable means to you?
1- To be courageous, accepting, and open to change no matter what stage in life I am in. 
2- To have fortitude in life, as summarized in the bible verse, I love to share, " I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength"- Philippians 4:13



Always looking to connect.

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