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My Story

I was born in Laoang Northern Samar, Philippines. I graduated from Lonestar College formerly known as North Harris Community College. I have 16 years of nursing experience and currently, I work at HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball-Inpatient Rehabilitation. I am a staff nurse, preceptor, and Charge Nurse (Relief former permanent and lead). I founded the inpatient rehabilitation practice council and department. My work also involves rehabilitating and visiting patients in their homes. 


Who has impacted you and why (professional or personal or both)?

Growing up everyone called me Ngets. My mother and my sister are both nurses and have influenced me in my career path to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. I have sacrificed my scholarships from the sister schools of UE College of Dentistry in France and in Japan in the year 2000 for my sister's plan of taking care of our parents in Houston. 


What makes you get up and do something every day?

I am an introvert and I love immersing myself in Deaf Culture here in Houston. Additionally, I love gold fishes as pets. Also, I love to humiliate myself in public :).


Why do you belong to an association like the PNA NH?

I so enjoy life and live life as it is while my father is on hospice care. 

What I love about PNA North Houston?

To keep abreast of other fields of nursing and to practice my talents and skills in professional/specialized organizations. 

What does Bold and Unstoppable mean to me?

 B - Brave

 O - Open minded

 L - Law and order

 D - Daring

 U - Universal

 N - Nurturing

 S - Safe and Secure

 T - Top class on Tenacity

 O - Obedient to God

 P - Palpable

 P - Proactive

 A - Amiable

 B - Blissful

 L - Loving

 E - Endearing


Always looking to connect.

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